Daisy Locket Gold MINI


Gold Daisy Locket Mini Necklace, Handmade and Kinetic

The petals of Daisy Locket are a life-like representation of nature in motion, a flower that opens up to the sun and closes at nightfall. In this design, when the central stem is pushed up, 8 hand-pierced petal clusters unfold to reveal a golden centre. A miniature static Daisy bud sits gently along side.

Daisy (Bellis perennis) is traditionally used to play the game ‘he loves me, he loves me not’ and is a symbol of innocence and gentleness. Daisies are also noted for their relentless ability to bounce back from being trodden down.

Daisy Locket Gold Mini comes on a strong yet elegant 18” gold chain with a handmade catch. For size comparison, the original Daisy Locket measures approx 20 x 14mm in the closed position and this new mini version measures approx 15 x 10mm in the closed position.

The Daisy Lockets are enjoyed by all ages and always receive a lovely reaction when opened up.

Handmade in and 18ct yellow gold and 9ct white gold.

Made to order. Ready to ship approximately 4 weeks from payment. Proceed to checkout to pay via Paypal or call 07773621187 to pay over the phone.

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